Biscotti Cookbook



 Bruno Munari, Collage, and Stamps

A wide variety of cookbook manuscripts were assigned individually for a class study on book design. Each manuscript volume was pulled from a larger fictitious series. Bruno Munari’s treatment of image overlays and typesetting within his “Il poema del vestito di latte: parole in libertà futuriste” was a direct point of inspiration for the conception of this cookbook’s overarching layout. The design approach on Cookies From Around the World: Italian Biscotti aimed at infusing the evolving urban and industrial energy of Italy with the traditional and refined rustic Italy. Nipotina’s in the kitchen now.

Special thanks to Justin Schellengburg on photography.

Other photography by Giuseppe Milo, Trish Hartmann, Ho Visto Nina Volare, CocombreLibre, Kai H, and Patty Ho.