Author: cameronmbriggs

Mr. Robot Intro Sequence

Mr. Robot Intro: March 2018 This fictitious intro sequence for the USA Network TV show, Mr. Robot, centers around the mind of the protagonist, Elliot Alderson. Elliots metaphorically uses his adept understanding for the principles of programming and computer science to navigate through life, his […]

Icon Sequence

Nintendogs Set: February 2017 Inspired after the video game aesthetic of Nintendogs Shiba and Friends, this motion graphic icon series follows the daily life of a dog. Each icon represents a vital necessity for easygoing dog life. Audio Credit: Friendly Whiff Record by Nintendogs    […]

Biscotti Cookbook

   Bruno Munari, Collage, and Stamps A wide variety of cookbook manuscripts were assigned individually for this student project on book design. Each manuscript volume was pulled from a larger fictitious series. Bruno Munari’s treatment of image overlays and typesetting within his “Il poema del […]

Speaker Broadsheet

Famous Swiss and New Typography Designers: May 2017 The instrumental figures of Swiss Design and New Typography shows a combination of influences that stem from the Dada, Suprematist, Constructivist, De Stijl, and Futurist movement. Their earlier works show more direct similarities and association to these […]

Summer Loops

May- September 2017 Exploration For every week of summer, a motion graphics loop has been made in narrative reflection. The goal of this project is aimed at cultivating better understanding for different motion graphic techniques and stylizations upon my reflections. Originals can be viewed here and here. 

User Mapping Infographic

  Student Course Registration Analysis: October 2017 Student Information Management Systems This project centered predominately around research and small student group analysis of the user experience of ACAD students with WebService, a student information management system (SIMS). Student groups were then separated individually to organization the information gathered visually. […]