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Particle + Wave Media Arts Festival 2019

Through EMMEDIA,¬†PARTICLE + WAVE is a seasoned festival in Calgary that displays a collection of new media art over a series of 3 days. During January 31 to February 2, 2019, PARTICLE + WAVE will be featuring two exhibitions, a film screening, and a night […]

Biscotti Cookbook

  ¬†Bruno Munari, Collage, and Stamps A wide variety of cookbook manuscripts were assigned individually for a class study on book design. Each manuscript volume was pulled from a larger fictitious series. Bruno Munari’s treatment of image overlays and typesetting within his “Il poema del […]

Speaker Broadsheet

Famous Swiss and New Typography Designers: May 2017 This fictitious broadsheet project was a practice of composition and respect towards Swiss design. This project prompted students to engage with past instrumental figures behind the Swiss Design and New Typography movements. The experimentation of diagonal grid […]